3 Effective Ways To promote Your Online Dispensary In Canada

Online Cannabis Canada
Source: NY Times

The cannabis industry in Canada is going through a huge revolution and the legalization of recreational marijuana is sure to change the market in a huge way. No wonder many entrepreneurs are looking at it as an opportunity to start their own online dispensary in Canada. The ability to sell and buy marijuana without any legal fear means more people will be able to benefit from its use.

Starting an online store is much more than hiring a designer to create a great looking e-commerce store for you. From driving traffic to your website to managing online orders and shipment, there are many things that need your attention. Unfortunately, Google Adwords and Facebook ads do not support advertisement for online marijuana dispensaries.

However, there are different other methods you can use to promote your online Marijuana business. Below we have mentioned a few effective ways that can bring about a big difference.

  1. Advertise In Popular Ad Networks

You can run Cannabis paid ads in different other platforms and authority site such as Leafly, Adistry, and Mantis. These are well-established sites that are highly regarded in the cannabis world. These sites draw millions of traffic seeking information on different types of strains. You can advertise about your new cannabis dispensary on these sites to gain more visibility from marijuana users.

The key to success lies in being as creative as possible when setting up an ad. To be on the safer side, avoid the trigger words such as marijuana, hash, pot, cannabis, ganja and weed. Use other terms such as alternative therapies, green medicines, alternative medicine, 502, and so on. Similarly, you can say flowers instead of buds and “doses”the place of“hits”.

  1. Invest in Search Engine Optimization

When you want your online website to come up in search results and be found by your target market, you need to invest in white hat SEO techniques. To set up your SEO strategy, first think of the search terms your potential customers may use to reach you. A simple keyword search will give you most searched terms such as:

  • Dispensary near me
  • Medical cannabis dispensary
  • Medical marijuana dispensary
  • Recreational marijuana online store
  • Buy cannabis Ottawa

Start on-site SEO by incorporating the most search keywords in your website content, meta tags, product description, blog posts and so on. In your blog you can talk about the different types of Cannabis products, medical and recreation use of various strains, trending cannabis strains and so on.

Make The Best Use Of Social Media

You have a great looking and responsive website and high-quality SEO content, so now it’s time to get out there and let others know of your presence. You can make the best use of social media platforms to interact with your followers, post information, images and videos. While Facebook allows you to have your own page, please bear in mind that it has closed down many accounts of cannabis dispensaries without any notice so please be careful. A good alternative to Faecbook is Weed Life and it has a good feel to it.

Instagram is another amazing social platform where you can post attractive visuals and get more eyes on what you have to offer. An alternative to Instagram where you can post photos and videos online is MassRoots.

Redditt is a great place for online discussions and increasing the visibility of your online dispensary in Canada. This popular online forum has many users and there are many sub-reddits that are devoted to almost any imaginable topic. A good alternative to Reddit to talk about cannabis is Grasscity Forums.

Finally, let’s not forget Twitter which allows you to send out cannabis related tweets to your followers. Make the best use of those 280 characters to increase your visibility and get more customers.